Our cleat is constructed with a dense TPU, which becomes more flexible closer to the forefoot, and it has specific flex points to allow for extreme flexibility while the cleat maintains its shape. Our upper Microfiber material is equally durable, and flexes well without losing its original shape. You will notice this ease in flexibility when pivoting, jumping, sprinting, bidding, or stepping out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use cleats made for other sports?

You most certainly can use cleats made for other sports to play Ultimate. However, our cleats are made specifically for Ultimate. They were designed by Ultimate players, which translates to lighter, more comfortable, durable cleats. We will make Women's shoe sizes as well as Men's sizes as we know one size does not fit all!

What surface are these cleats designed for?

We designed our cleats to be most effective on regular grass fields (wet or dry). Users may experience less optimal traction on artificial grass and turf surfaces.

What materials are used for the cleat construction?

The outside upper part of our cleat is made of antibacterial, anti-mold, microfiber leather. Microfiber leather has better appearance and durability than leather, as well as better stretch and recovery. Micro-fiber is considered the Green Product of the 21st century. The outsole or bottom of the cleat is made from Thermo Polyurethane (TPU), which is a very durable product that is extremely resistant to wearing.

What is the return policy?

We provide free returns within 15 days of delivery. This includes free return shipping (limited to $20 outside the US) and a full refund for the item price paid without a restocking fee. There are no refunds on original shipping.

I want to know more about Ultimate, can you help me?

www.usaultimate.org is a great reference point to anything that is about Ultimate. You can also email Hello@universepoint.com, and we can refer you to the proper subject matter experts.

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Brand marketing and social media Internship

As a Brand Marketing and social media intern, you’ll have the opportunity to create Universe Point’s image and network within Ultimate’s world, grow our brand in the digital marketplace, create compelling value stories based on our shoes Brand Ambassadors, shape marketing strategies, and optimize partnerships with key Ultimate groups and Associations (including USA Ultimate, World Flying Disc Federation).

This 3-6 months internship at Universe Point is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to help shape the future of our products for such an upcoming sport that is Ultimate.  We seek a thought-leader and a problem-solver who can blend business, technical, and industry best practices – sweating every fine detail to develop fun, creative brand awareness of our company and products.

For more information or to apply, emailHello@universepoint.com

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