During development, we enlisted several Ultimate athletes at college, club, and professional levels to test our prototype cleats and provide feedback for our design. Their input ensured that our cleats would be the best for Ultimate.

Ben Katz

Ben plays for Montreal Royal and Ironside.

Oak Nelson

Oak plays for Princeton Clockwork, Philadelphia Phoenix, and Patrol.

Matthew Rushing

Matthew plays for Turbine Ultimate.

Kelsey Bennett

Kelsey plays for Colorado Kali.

Viki Chen

Viki plays for Green Means Go.

Noah Saul

Noah plays for Raleigh Flyers and Ring of Fire.

Matt Bode

Matt plays for Raleigh Flyers and Ring of Fire.

Rachel "Rojo" Johnson

Rachel "Rojo" plays for Phoenix Ultimate.

Fiona Dragonfly

Fiona plays for Colorado Kali.

Ivan Lopez

Ivan plays for Ultimate Mexico.

Lexi Zalk

Lexi plays for Slow White.

Sydney Harris

Sydney plays for Elon Wild Rumpus and Phoenix Ultimate.

Daniella Loustalot

Daniella plays for Ultimate Mexico.

Alexander "Zander" Taylor

Zander plays for Ambiguous Grey and DC Breeze.

Core UP Team

John Wimalanayagam

John plays for Hooligans.

John Sisson

John is an alumnus of Elon Big Fat Bomb and currently plays for Hooligans.

Anders Juengst

Anders is from Arlington, VA and plays on UNC Darkside and DC Foggy Bottom Boys.

Brian Szymanski

Brian is an alumnus of Elon Big Fat Bomb, and helps us take awesome product photos.

Bérangère Barateig

Bérangère originates from France and is an Ultimate addict, working tirelessly to promote the awareness of the sport around the globe.

Ed Sisson

Ed, originating from the US, had the vision, passion and aspiration to develop Ultimate footwear from watching his sons compete in sports.

Steve Gregory

Steve is a software engineer who has helped with the technology.

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